In wake of the deaths of several of our youth over fashionable trends, we find that the value of life has been reduced to the cost of our sneakers. Young people everywhere either suffer from being bullied over their lack of socially acceptable attire, or going for broke for designers that, in the literal sense, have become “to die, for.” This seemingly stems from a deeply rooted need to establish ourselves in a socioeconomic class based on the price of how much we invest in our look. Parents are now going into debt trying to keep up with the Jones’s, only to see the fruits of the labors decimated by street violence. Which poses the question… “Is the cost of the latest trends, worth a human life?”

Having been surrounded by the culture for so many years, 80’s baby Randy Jones, Jr. not only saw the need to put his fingerprint on the culture, but leave a mark for the fashion sensible at a reasonable cost. After having his first son, Elijah, Jones then decided through his son’s birth that death was not a viable cost for being trendy. Thus beginning, Death Over Designers. He, along with childhood friend and CFO Travis Nelson, have created a line that lends itself to the fashion conscious, at a price that will not break the bank. Highly trend-friendly styles, designs, and colors that lend themselves to the latest sneaker releases and overall style of today.  It is the goal of this company to match the “fly” of any and every one we can reach. Just remember, even though our style is to die for… FASHION SHOULDN’T BE FATAL.

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